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Company V.P.L. boasts a multi-years experience in ornithological field and has always offered to breeders its experience and professionality.
Being convinced to offer valid products to the breeder, V.P.L. directs the majority of its energies to production of limited articles, but valid and functional and to the care of the minimum particulars in phase of realisation.
With the aim to bring continuous improvements, specifications, design and everything described in the previous pages, its products can be modified without notice.
Automatic feeder
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flag itaMade in Italy  
Automatic feeder is able to save 40% of the food if compared at the manual feeding and also you can set how many time to feed them during the day, in this way every time will eat a little amount of food without leave in the bowl the seeds that don't like them, with the target to decrease the wasted food and providing balanced diet so keep them more healthy. dosatore
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Cage 1260x670x750 mm
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flag itaMade in Italy

Voliera1260x670x750We produce modular panels, in galvanized sheet iron without any welding with trawl dim. 105x15x3 mm cold galvanized and therefore not toxic. Ideal in order to lodge and to reproduce exotic aborigines and small parrots.