quando la qualità non teme confronti
anni di esperienza fanno la differenza
più pulizia, più igiene, uguale più soddisfazione

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dosatoreAn eletrical panel transforms the electric power from AC to DC and regulates the feeding time. In the eletrical panel there are 3 output connectors which allow to plug in line up to 30 feeders just in one connector or 10 feeders for any connector. For every feeder, the feeding time can be setted from 2 to 149 seconds with a minimum increasing time than 1 second. The feeding average range of the feeder is 8-10 days for a couple of Ara Chloroptera and 21-25 days for a couple of Amazona; moreover if the customer want to increase the feeding autonomy of the feeder, VPL will be pleased to satisfy any kind of require.