quando la qualità non teme confronti
anni di esperienza fanno la differenza
più pulizia, più igiene, uguale più soddisfazione

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All warm rooms produced by VPL are made of white pre-painted aluminum which is used to form two layers: an external layer and an internal layer in between which is an interposed 20 mm layer of fireproof, high density insulating material. In particular, the inner shell is mechanically locked and sealed to enable effective sanitation and durability of the casing. The frontal closures of all the models are made of Plexiglas and come with with suitable holes to allow air exchange and the possibility of placing nozzles for aerosol and oxygen therapy.
Our warming chambers, built in compliance with the European regulations in force, are ideal to accommodate adult animals that due to any reason whatsoever need heat, or parrots or any other bird to be hand-rear.

Nursery mod. CIL-TECH 70 / CIL-TECH 70AS
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brevettato cil tech 70AS cil tech 70


This is the last model of the hospital cage's category, it has been designed by VPL following the three key words present in our mission.


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