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mod. C.I.S. DIGIT-M
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digit m

Created for breeders that they demand superior quality services. Valid room from opened, with its heat regulator and in a position of to maintain, in fit environments, the temperature practically costing; ideal for the weaning, from the opened to the entire autonomy of the babies.
Average power consumption with a ΔT IN-OUT = 15°C: 28 Watt·h.


Technical Features

Size: W 550 x H 510 x D 410 mm
Power supply voltage: 220-230 Volt, 50 Hz
Fan: yes, voltage: 12 Volt
Heating light: 125 Watt
Average power consumption (ΔT IN-OUT = 15°C):
28 Watt·h
Control of temperature: digital heat regulator with setting temperature by display
Range of use: 20÷38 °C
Safety device: signal alarm with buzzer and turning off the heating light if the temperature inside the chamber is of 2°C higher than the one set in it
Accuracy: ±0,2 °C
Internal tray: Yes